GObj OnClient

Stress with many connections and many data.

To run against ginsfsm.examples.stress_server_echo

The server echo the data.

It uses ginsfsm.c_connex.GConnex.

class ginsfsm.examples.essential_gobjs.stress_client_echo.OnClient[source]

Client GObj.

Configurable Parameters:
Name Type Default value Description
connections int 0 Limit of connections to be reached.
host str Port.
verbose int 0 Increase output verbosity. Values [0,1,2]
port int 8000 Port.


  • 'EV_TIMEOUT': Timer over.
    Start the machine.
  • 'EV_CONNECTED': New client.
  • 'EV_DISCONNECTED': Client disconnected.
  • 'EV_RX_DATA': Receiving data.


  • 'EV_START_TIMER': Start timer.

Initialization zone.

Well, the __init__ method is used to build the FSM so I need another function to initialize the new gobj. Please, override me, and write here all the code you need to start up the machine: create your owns childs, etc. This function is called by create_gobj() after creating the gobj instance.